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What People Say

“Those at Vixen Creative Agency have a professionalism that is unmatched by anyone I have worked with before. They helped the vision come to life for my Goldielove music project. I get super nervous in front of the camera and Ren made sure I felt comfortable and confident. They took care of everything! All I had to do was show up with makeup and outfits! I have so much great content for my project now and I have Vixen Creative Agency to thank for that. Highly highly recommend!”

Rebecca Gurnee


“We have been working with Ren for over a year now. Ren started running all of our social media outlets until we realized the only one of real value for our company’s goals was LinkedIn. That is when we changed our direction to focus solely on LinkedIn which Ren has done an amazing job. Ren always has great ideas for new content to post along with her amazing design ideas. We have been pushing out a variety of posts that look as professional as any other major organization out there.

On top of this, Ren is just an overall amazing person to work with, she has traveled several times with our team to take pictures of events, social gatherings, holiday parties, and my personal favorite employee weekend hiking! Her openness, creativity, professionalism, and personality is one of the best out there. We are extremely proud of and happy of Ren and the job she has done all while becoming part of the Advent Family!”

Adam Furlough

Director of Delivery at Advent Resources Inc.

“I have been working with Ren for a little over 2 years now. She has always been so professional, creative and easy to work with. She has helped my business grow with her social media marketing expertise. She always brought my vision to life. I highly recommend Ren, she’s truly the BEST!“

Shadden Fouz

Kiwi Nail Lounge

“Professionalism meets creativity. Working with Ren on several photoshoots her qualifications are immediately made clear from the first shot. Respectful and honest in every occasion, she has the skills to give you exactly what you ask along with the creativity and insight to know what you need most.”

Josh Cooper

Filmmaker & Comedian

“I first became a photography and video client of Ren and for every project she was spot on with bringing my visions to life and even better than I imagined. When she started doing social media, I learned about how knowledgeable and fluent she was in using the apps, and she provided excellent guidance in posting and sharing the content she made for me. As an artist, it’s important for me to have control and personal engagement with fans, so it was huge when Ren adjusted to fit my needs by providing easy to follow guidance for posting strategies.”

Taylor Crawford


“When you're in a band and trying to create buzz and get the word out, it all can become overwhelming fast: interviews, in-studio performances, promo of all sorts, and yes, photo shoots –– all of those necessary things take up time, money, and can add to the pile of stress that goes hand in hand with building a career in the music industry.

Working with Ren has never been stressful, and in fact, quite the opposite. For one, Ren always shows up early and fully prepared, brimming with ideas and energy. She's strategic with time and locations, fully understands the natural vibe a band might be going for, and has a keen eye for incongruity (i.e. when a shot, grouping, or wardrobe choice doesn't quite work).

On top of everything else, what makes Ren such a great photographer is her ability to make her subjects completely comfortable and fully confident. Because she directs with a clear vision, we get to be ourselves instead of worrying about 'Does this jacket fit right,' or 'What do I do with my arms?' When her lens is pointed at you, you know something beautiful is being captured. Rarely have I been so happy with how I was portrayed in a collection of images. Ren is one of the finest photographers around.”

Michael Adams


“Ren is the only person I trust with my brand’s content. She listens to all my needs and delivers with exactly what I ask for! Ren has a natural talent for content creation and she continues to surprise me with her creativity. Even from a different state, Ren gives my company the utmost attention and ensures that all her work meets my exceptional standards. She’s the best!”

Drea Rojas

Drea & Josh Podcast

“Creative and intuitive - that is how I would describe Ren D’Anelli. I have recently used Ren’s photography and videography services in live music performances by my band, as well as with a monthly singer-songwriter evening event. These assignments required an affinity with the musicians, venue, and targeted use of the print and video product. Ren was respectful of both the musicians as well as the audience in her execution, able to achieve creative photo shots without distracting from the performance. Ren is a professional; understanding the social media platforms and targeted use of the applied mediums. I will continue to seek out her services for future work.”

Marc N Davidson


“Working with Ren has been a literal game changer for my brand. We've done several shoots together and her ability to bring my concepts to life is astounding. Working with her was effortless, efficient, fun, and satisfying! She knows how to play up my best attributes and I always feel confident and safe in her presence. I am so grateful for the impact Ren has helped me make and am in awe of her dedication and prowess. HIGHLY recommended.”

Dylan Earth

Personal Coach

“Professionalism and passion for the craft made an already great experience even better. You can tell if a great dish was made with love and there was no shortage of that with this incredible service. I felt like a partner and a star during the photoshoot and the finished product exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend this to other artists and brand makers.”

Jay R.


“Ren D’Anelli is a creative force and brings great energy to her projects. Our agency needed to create a new institutional video to tell our story, and Ren was a perfect fit for us. She and her crew went above and beyond to adapt to our scheduling challenges and to meet our deadline. She is reliable and has great integrity. We would definitely use her services again.

Pattie Davidson

JFCS of Long Beach


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3 campaigns per week

Campaign: 1 feed post + set of matching stories

Content Creation

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Starting at $2,000/month

5 campaigns per week

Campaign: 1 feed post + set of matching stories

Content Creation

Page management

Monthly progress report

Ongoing support

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Starting at $1,500 (first 30 days)

Create a simple and beautiful website on Squarespace 

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FREELANCE Copywriting

Blog posts, website copy, press releases, and more


FREELANCE Content Creation

Photography, design, videos, and other creative content production


Instagram and Facebook based ads including content creation and ad management


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meet Solér

ff is a Las Vegas native and a junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas studying English with a minor in Creative Writing. She’s been writing in-depth analyses about politics, social issues, race, relationships, dating, and mental health for six years and has two years of copywriting experience. Read her work here:



meet Steph

Steph Stevens is a writer, vegan and currently resides on Tongva Land. She writes mostly TV scripts, articles and really cute captions on her cat pics. You can find her perched in front of her laptop on a weekday or roller skating down the boardwalk on the weekend. Find her online at


Graphic designer

meet Elora

Elora is an Advertising Arts graduate who has been treading the path of a graphic design and marketing career. She started as a layout artist in a printing company learning the basics of production, sales and social media marketing. After 4 years of hard work and learning experience, she finally had the courage to let go and pursue a career online.

She believes that everyday is a learning process and that we should take every chance as a growing experience. Her creative motivation comes from the different mentors and colleagues who works with her hand in hand. And of course, nature and music is never not on her list of inspos.

Family is her greatest home where her values were nurtured with love, care and support. She loves spending time with them especially as they go hiking or have short trips at the beach.

Being able to share her skills and experiences to a company like Vixen Creative Agency, that values creativity, teamwork and growth, is one of her goals in life where she also attains better self-development throughout the process.

Fun Fact: She also loves to paint, can’t resist her sister’s cats, and is an avid Netflix binger.


Project Manager

MEET Irish

Irish is not your typical introvert — she’s chatty, outspoken, and fun-loving. And yes, she could be a little sassy at times, but don’t mistake these traits for extrovertness. When around a group setting, Irish may seem quiet and timid, but put her around her circle of people and she could be the loudest person in the room. One thing she can do forever is binge-watch movies and series. Give her some snacks and an awesome show to watch and you probably wouldn’t see her for a good week!She is passionate about topics like Feminism, Misogyny, Relationships, Toxic Masculinity, and Rape Culture. Her outspokenness will not be afraid to get into debates and discussions. Irish translates this high drive and enthusiasm into her work ethics as well. Her motivation is to always be one-step better than before and put her heart in every work she does!

Irish has always shone in a client-facing role as an account manager in her previous work experiences. She’s learned how to be detail-oriented and organized because managing multiple clients at a time is definitely not a walk in the park. But it’s time for her to also flourish behind the scenes and use her acquired skills to be an effective project manager with Vixen Creative Agency!

And… Last but not least, Irish is a proud HUFFLEPUFF!




An amazing artist/graphic designer we found on Instagram! We’ve partnered with her for stunning original art and designs, continuing the pursuit of her brand Voices Through Visuals.
Simran got her start doodling quotes and drawings in the margins of her notebooks. Before starting Voices Through Visuals, she wanted to educate herself on social justice issues and learn more about minority perspectives through books, podcasts, and movies. She found herself illustrating her favorite quotes – using her art to process everything she was learning. She started sending these visualizations to her friends and… Voices Through Visuals was born. With so many voices competing to be heard on social media, she wants to use her platform and energy to lift other minority voices through her illustrations – hopefully educating and inspiring others along the way.


Follow her on Instagram @voicesthroughvisuals!




Meet our OC based photographer/videographer! We’re proud to partner with this talented filmmaker of 6 years for beautifully unique content creation.  
Her passions are storytelling through cinema, inspired by real people and scenarios that can impact the world to create positive change. Michelle is personal, empathetic, and strategic especially when making a collaborator’s vision come to life. 
Some of Michelle’s goals are to write, direct, and act in female driven narratives. She’s worked on various film productions in LA for the past 3 years. Her most memorable film experience was filming 6 months for a reality TV show about a haunt maze, which is currently being pitched to Netflix and HBO. She’s also interned 6 months for Bromont Productions, a production company which helps former incarcerated individuals secure employment in the film industry. 
Michelle’s values and vision align very well with Vixen Creative Agency, and if you’re in the SoCal area, you’ll have the opportunity to experience her artistic approach first hand.
Follow her on Instagram @mishymo! 

Chrizhel (Kish)

Business Admin

MEET Chrizhel

Chrizhel (Kish) is a diligent and passionate young lady who has a hunger for learning and growth. She gets inspiration from her faith and movies, and acts based on her core values of love, humility, honesty, and respect.

Her warm and enthusiastic personality, mixed with her thorough attention to detail, allows her to achieve excellence in everything she does. Every bit of progress matters to her just as every second is an opportunity to change for the better.

Kish has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and she’s currently pursuing her Master’s degree in the same field. She is determined to use her knowledge and skills for helping others, especially Vixen Creative Agency. Working as the data analyst, Kish handles our reports, research, and other analytical tasks with a unique joy for data and stats.

Fun fact: she used to be a cosplayer and gamer, and will return to it when such events come back!


Content Manager

MEET Therese

Therese used to work in a corporate setting but always believed that there’s so much more to explore for the world and herself. She left the world of 9-5 jobs and pursued a career that would allow her to follow her passion for traveling. A door opened in the airline industry to work as a flight attendant, until the pandemic hit and affected the entire industry and the whole world. Her short-lived dream job allowed her to discover new skills and abilities working virtually

By joining the Vixen Creative Agency team, Therese has been able to learn and grow with the company, writing different types of content and developing her voice and style. This opportunity allows her to hone her skills in copywriting and content creation while working from home!

Therese is a coffee enthusiast, and enjoys creating content about her travel and the local coffee shop she visits on her personal social media account. She can now show the world what she’s capable of with this new career that she loves doing!




Our blog writer, based in Long Beach CA, with so many other talents including art and zines!
Bre has an A.A. in English Literature and B.A. in English Creative Writing, pairing her natural wit with skilled writing practices to produce pieces with a fantastic voice. Originally from Raeford, North Carolina she’s lived in California for about 12 years now, soaking up that gorgeous SoCal sun and the uniquely creative culture of Long Beach. Hobbies include roller skating, crafting zines, and digital illustration!


Follow her on TikTok @brattyxbre, Instagram @brattyxbre_, and check out her Etsy!

Ren D’Anelli

CEO & Founder

Meet REn

Ren D’Anelli started exploring the world of social media management at the end of 2017, having spent time in college developing her visual arts skills, but seeking the free life of a creative entrepreneur.

Starting an Instagram account for the local coffee shop she worked at, Ren quickly learned how to create quality content that the followers wanted to see, growing the account organically and employing her artistic skills in a new way. This sparked an idea, and the referrals started coming in. Through years of trial and error she perfected her strategies and developed a budding business.

Cut to 2020 and Ren was fully supporting herself with private clients, hired an assistant, and expanded her own brand. Then in January of 2021 Vixen Creative Agency was born! This first official year has been full of amazing growth, thanks to the talented team we built with the invaluable help of VAlink. Without all of them we wouldn’t be able to provide you this excellent service! Scroll below to meet the heroes behind Vixen Creative Agency.

Ren is also a filmmaker, photographer, and painter. She loves to host friends, play video games, do DIY home projects with her partner Adam, and hang out with their two cats Basil and Wooby. She feels deeply passionate about activism and does what she can to support causes related to feminism, anti-racism, LGBTQ+ issues, and the overall pursuit for equality. Catch her day-to-day on Instagram @rendanelli and say hello!

All things considered, Ren spends her time being creative while cultivating this company to offer the same pursuit to others, and make a positive impact on the world around her. 


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